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Resource Checklist for a Cat Friendly home

Basic resources


  • feed several small meals a day
  • food bowl separated from the water bowl
  • Puzzle feeders are great for overweight or bored cats

Litter Tray

  • placed in a quiet, well ventilated and accessible area
  • cleaned and scooped daily, washed weekly
  • unscented, clumping litter preferred
  • as large as possible with easy access (eg arthritic cat needs low sides and wide base)

Reinforce Confidence

provide Feliway to mark areas and new objects as safe and secure

Structural Features

Climbing opportunities

  • shelves and cat trees

Scratching post

  • near entry and exit points and/or next to resting and sleeping areas
  • vertical grooves and height are preferred (high enough to fuly stretch)

Resting area

  • provide several throughout the home

Hiding places

  • boxes, baskets, cupboards with door left open

Outdoor access

  • free and easy access to outside where possible
  • consider microchip cat flaps (to keep neighbouring cats out)

Social Contact

Playing sessions: with the owner on a daily basis, if the cat wants to

Petting sessions: daily, if the cat enjoys

Activity & Stimulation

Toys: regularly rotated to provide novelty

Radio or television: on when the cat is home alone

Multi-Cat Needs

  • feed in private (separate rooms/floors in multi-cat homes)
  • multiple resources (food and water bowls, litter boxes) distributed in different locations to avoid competition for access
  • enough climbing, hiding and resting areas for all cats
  • facial pheromones (feliway diffuser) to decrease overall tension and help cohabitation

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