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Puppy Toilet Training Tips


For Puppies

Think of where you want your puppy’s ‘toilet’ to be. Ideally a grassy secluded spot that you can take him/her to quickly.

Puppies need lots of patience and praise – let them know when they are toileting in the place you want them to. Never hit or yell at your puppy if they do go in the wrong spot. If you catch them starting to wee in the wrong spot, pick them up and take them where you want them to go, then praise them lots.

Bladders take some time for little ones to fully master. Be ready for mistakes, they will happen, especially in the first 6 months.

Clean up any accidents inside with a specially designed cleaner - using the wrong one can encourage more mistakes in that area! Give us a call.

Be aware that your puppy is most likely to need ‘to go’:

• When they wake up

• After a play session

• After drinking, chewing or eating

• If they haven’t gone in the last 60 minutes – puppies need to go a lot!

• “Accidents” will happen. Remember to be patient.

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