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Why Newtown Veterinary Clinic?

I have been wondering for a while what makes a person choose a particular veterinary clinic. Is it location? (Probably partially). Is it advertising? Is it word of mouth?

I know I would choose a clinic based on a recommendation from a friend. So how do I reach those who have not sort out a recommendation? Well today I am going to start a little campaign to see if I can use the wonders of the social media world to connect with all of those pet owners out there that are looking for us.

Who or what is Newtown Veterinary Clinic? Let me tell you.

  1. are a well-established clinic that has been caring for the pets of Geelong for over 45 years! Dr Jack started the clinic (in the olden days!) and is still available today by appointment. Dr Jane started working with Dr Jack over 15 years ago and together with Dr Katie and Dr Belinda they have created a unique veterinary clinic that is focused on pet’s health and owner education and understanding. We do not run by the general rule book of 10minute consultations. We offer 20-30minutes for standard consultations to ensure we can learn about your individual pet (taking the time to actually listen) and then work with you to formulate the best treatment or health care plan for your loved family pet. There are always options available and we work WITH you to get the best outcome possible for you AND your pet.

We pride ourselves on fear free techniques and have created a veterinary clinic that has separate dog and cat waiting areas, a separate cat hospital area, uses calming pheromones for dogs and cats as well as targeted music (such as icalm dog and icalm cat) and of course we always use gentle handling techniques.

If you want a clinic that is compassionate and caring, has a highly skilled team is also locally owned and managed then Newtown Veterinary Clinic is for you!

If you are already part of the Newtown Veterinary family, then I would be so grateful if you could leave us a 5-star goggle review (please don’t worry about anything less). Thank you so much.



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