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Summer is Coming!

It’s that time of year again when the nights are for BBQ’s and relaxing and many of us head to the beach for the day. What could be better than a day of relaxing with your best mate (your dog) at the beach.  Now whilst a nice walk on a dog friendly beach can be the perfect enrichment for your dog with the weather heating up there are definitely some things to consider before hitting the sand and the water.

In general we would not recommend spending a day out in the hot weather with your dog, perhaps a couple of hours with the following in mind.

If it’s hot enough for you to want to go to the beach for the day, the sand may be hot. You will likely have your thongs on to and from the beach but the concrete or sand may burn your dogs feet. If you can’t walk on the concrete or sand without shoes on it’s too hot for your dog too.

You will need a nice shady area for your dog to get out of the sun, they don’t sweat like us and rely on panting and shade to cool down, so come prepared with a shade hut and a big container or nice cold water and a bowl, so you can regularly refill and refresh their water.

Of course the water will also help cool your pet but you need to make sure they feel comfortable in the water don’t force them in or the beach will become somewhere they think is not a happy place. If they do like to swim the same rules apply as for us

Beware of rips

If it’s rough they may swallow water which is not good and they could potentially inhale water too.

Be sensible and don’t let your pet get overly tired in the water as the chances or inhaling water increase.

If you are at all worried that your pet has inhaled any water please consult us immediately.

Also be aware that come summer lots of new dogs tend to have their dog day out at the beach too and sometimes over excitement can turn into aggression particularly if there are lots of dogs together. Be respectful and mindful of the dogs that are around and think about moving to a less crowded area to give your dog some off leash time (if signage permits).

Lastly the beach at this time of the year is also full of little humans, seals, birds and other wildlife. We are very lucky to be able to access beaches with our dogs so we need to make sure we follow all signage, keep dogs on leash around small children and wildlife and make this a pleasant experience for all.




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