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NVC Toddler Tamers

Newtown Veterinary Clinic Toddler Tamers

Toddler Tamers is our new dog obedience and training class aimed at puppies and dogs between 16 weeks of age and 1 year old, this is often the age group where behavioural problems arise, we often refer to this period as the dog’s ‘Toddler Time’ or their ‘Teenage Years’.


Toddler Tamers is run by our qualified Newtown Nurses; Alex, Karen and Catherine who also run our Puppy School, they each have a special interest in canine behaviour and training.


Throughout Puppy School and Toddler Tamers we take a force-free approach and teach scientifically proven, current learning theories based on the use of positive reinforcement training. We teach our owners how to understand their canine companion’s body language and why we should be using positive reinforcement training.


Classes are held on Thursday evenings at 6pm in the clinic’s designated dog training space, classes will run for up to an hour. The course is made up of four classes where we use a hands-on approach to workshop ways of managing problem behaviours that owners are often experiencing with their dogs and puppies. 

The classes will devote time to working on obedience training whilst teaching our dogs to remain calm in stressful or busy situations.


If you’re interested in joining our Toddler Tamers class, please contact Alex, Karen or Catherine at the

clinic on 5221 5333.


Please note: the class is not suitable for children, there is lots of moving around and bigger dogs that might find kids too exciting or scary.

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