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Grooming at NVC

Keeping your pet well groomed is an important part of pet ownership.   Shorter haired dogs can often be managed with a bath and blow dry.  Medium and longer haired dogs require clipping to keep the fur manageable.

Our grooming service is tailored to each pet.  For puppies we offer a "puppy intro clip".  We want their first experience to be positive.  This "Puppy Intro Clip"  includes a nail trim, face trim, private parts trim and nail clip.  Most importantly an introduction to the grooming table using positive reinforcement.   

There is also a "mini clip" for in-between times and a full clip when the all over clip is required.  Each of these services includes a bath, blow dry, ear clean, face trim and nail clip.

If your dog is timid and not comfortable with grooming or bathing, we also offer densensitising visits to help reduce their anixety and get them comfortable with the grooming experience.  

Our grooming team are junior stylists and not able to perform "breed specific clips".

However, for a great all over hair cut or just a tidy up, we can help!


NVC Grooming


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