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Everything you need to make your new fur baby welcome.


• Cosy bedding

• Appropriate food – we have a great range for young tums!

• Toys to help with chewing

• A health check booked with us. Have you set a date for vaccinations?

• Puppy classes booked?

• Desexing date booked?

• Flea and worming protection. We have products that are safe for young animals

• A safe collar and lead or harness

• Kitty litter and tray – or a designated toilet area for your puppy outside.

Keep cleaning products on hand for any mistakes – please ask us about the best options as some household varieties may make ‘mistakes’ more frequent.

• Pet Shampoo, brush, towels, toothbrush and pet toothpaste

• Travel crate for cats or car harness for dogs

Give us a call about how to make your new pet as welcome as possible.  As vets we have been specially trained to provide the best care for your

pet at every stage of their life and we can’t wait to have a pat and a cuddle with them!


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