Does your pet have love handles?

Does your pet have ‘love handles’?

We are seeing more and more overweight pets and it makes us sad as vets and nurses. Obesity puts pets at risk of diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. It’s a 2 step approach to fixing those love handles.

1. The first is to reduce weight with one of our low calorie diets that have been designed to make your pet feel full for longer. So your pet can lose weight without feeling hungry or missing out on important nutrients.

2. Exercise is an important part in any pet’s life and can help your pet lose weight when on a calorie controlled diet. Ask us how we can help.


We have some delicious treats in the clinic and some do amazing things such as help keep teeth clean or joints supple. Why not try baking some homemade treats as a special treat this Christmas? Our sweet potato cookies are sure to be a hit with all your doggy friends. Or perhaps try some fruit or vegetables? Eg: carrots, celery or even apples! Don’t give too much too often, or you may also accidentally give you pet a sore tummy.

Just remember: Never give your pet chocolate, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts or anything manufactured with sweetener in it as they can be toxic.