Could it be arthritis?


Arthritis can be very painful. Thankfully as veterinarians we have many options that allow us to find the best program:

  • Pain relief medications come in special formulations for pets in beefy tablets or honey-flavoured drops that are sprinkled onto their food.
  • Injections to help reduce inflammation and increase lubrication of joints.
  • Some nutraceuticals may help protect joints.
  • Veterinary prescription diets mean arthritis treatment could be as simple as a bowl of food.


  • Carrying extra weight can cause irritation and inflammation, so it’s important to keep your pet at a healthy weight. Cats need extra care to help them reduce weight gradually. Please ask us for advice.
  • Exercise keeps joints mobile and builds up muscles to support affected joints. On-leash walks or swimming are ideal ways to do this.


  • Supply warm, comfy beds with padding, such as trampoline beds that sit off the floor.
  • Consider ramps to make it easier for dogs to navigate steps and get into cars.
  • Low-sided litter trays for cats can help make toilet trips easier.
  • Regular brushing can reduce matting.