Costs of Owning a Dog


Ever wanted to know the minimum costs of owning a dog?


Below is an example of the basic veterinary costs you will face each year.  Keep in mind you will still need to

·      feed and house your dog

·      Buy a lead and collar

·      Pay for kennels (if you go away)

·      Leads and collars

·      Bedding/basket

·      Pay for pet insurance

·      Extra trips to the vet

·      Grooming

·      Puppy preschool

·      Adult dog education classes


General Requirements



Puppies require one at 6-8 weeks and another at 12 weeks

Then annually

Your puppy should have already had its first vaccination before it comes to you.

C5 vaccination  = varies between clinics but expect to pay over $110 .  It includes a full check up and consultation with one of our veterinary surgeons.  Newtown uses one of the most respected vaccination brands on the market today.


Parasite control

We strongly recommend treatment against

·      Heartworm Disease

·      Intestinal worms 

·      Fleas 


The easiest way is with monthly Sentinel or Advocate.


A year’s supply of monthly sentinel treatments  (prices are an estimate only)


Extra small dog <4kg      $ 280

small dog 4-11kg             $300

medium dog 12-22kg     $350

large dog  22-45kg          $400 

Over 45 kg (double the above cost)

Prices vary with different products- remember this is an estimate only



Expect to pay around $65 (varies between clinics and states)

(once off cost)


At Newtown Veterinary clinic all desexing procedures in dogs include pre anesthetic basic screening tests (PCV/TP), intraveneous fluid therapy during the procedure, a dedicated aneasthetic nurse, pain relief and antiobitcs and any post operative visits the animal may require. 

Desexing Female

$350-$450 depending on size of the animal

Desexing Male

$255-300 depending on the size of the animal


Costs of owning a dog in the first year (excluding extras listed above and illness and injury) is estimated to be around


Small- $850

Medium- $900

Large- $1000


On going yearly cost of owning a dog (excluding extras listed above and illness and injury)



Medium- $450

Large- $475