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Will your pet enjoy the FREEDOM as much as you? Post the COVID lockdown.

It seems our pet’s may have been the only one’s who have really enjoyed our recent lockdown experience. Household members have been at home more, and able to tend to their pet’s beck and call for mont...
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Why Newtown Veterinary Clinic?

I have been wondering for a while what makes a person choose a particular veterinary clinic. Is it location? (Probably partially). Is it advertising? Is it word of mouth? I know I would choose a clin...
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Summer is Coming! It’s that time of year again when the nights are for BBQ’s and relaxing and many of us head to the beach for the day. What could be better than a day of relaxing with yo...
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SNAKE BITE: Snakes are out and about and generally at the Newtown VC we see pet’s envenomated by snakes between the months of September to March, although it is possible at any time of the year...
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Sometimes Educational and Sometimes Funny

NVC has published a Blog on a wordpress site for the last few years. Now our website functionality has increased to allow for a Blog to run within it. So WELCOME to the NVC Blog. I will repost olde...
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